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4-week Reversing Diabetes Program

Gain all the tools you need to reverse type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance in 4 transforming weeks. You’ll learn exactly how to eat to reverse insulin resistance and to lower blood sugar. You’ll learn everything from grocery shopping, preparing meals to ordering from restaurants- so that you can be fully equipped to start on the journey of reversing type 2 diabetes.

Ready to kickstart your journey to reverse diabetes?

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What You'll get:

4 week life-changing Modules

Gain all the tools you need to start your Reversing Diabetes Journey:

  • New way of eating: Structure on what foods to eat to reverse insulin resistance

  • Meal Prep 101: How to prepare and cook your meals to set yourself up for success

  • Grocery shopping school: Be an expert in finding the right foods for reversing insulin resistance. Nutrition Education ini label & ingredients list reading.

  • Restaurant: Learn how to order at restaurants so that you can socialize with others, enjoy a night out and still stay on track for reversing insulin reisistance

Multiple Recipes & Menu plans

Mix & match your favorite recipes & menu plans to make this lifestyle works for you! Multiple selection and international cuisines to choose from. So you can enjoy your food AND reverse type 2 diabetes one bite at a time!

Lifetime Membership In Private Client Facebook group

Get unlimited support from the reversing diabetes community. Share your wins & encourage each other on your reversing diabetes journey.

Weekly live Q&A and support from Charmaine

Have questions? Not sure if you're doing it right? You have our support. Our weekly live Q&A in our private client facebook group will answer all the questions you may have. If you want input on your meals, we can offer feedback via our facebook group as well.

BONUS Module- CONVENIENT & quick meals + tips

What happens when you don't have the time to cook healthy foods for reversing diabetes? This bonus module will be SO helpful in tackling the "I don't have the time" problem!

Investment: $333 [FOR A LIMITED TIME]

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"I am happy to announced that I am diabetes free my A1C from a 9.8 has dropped to a 4.9 all I can say is WOW!!!!! My doctor was amazed!! I no longer have fatty liver and many other health problems I was having, I took controlled of my health and decided to make a change for the better, I really hope you find this inspiring and if I can do it so can you. In order for our body to flourish, we need to nourish it."

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Find out More

What if I don't have a Facebook account?

You can create a temporary facebook account to join the Live Q&As and to interact with Charmaine & Ghalia

How can I get feedback & support from Charmaine & Ghalia?

You can get unlimited support from Charmaine & Ghalia through the private client facebook group. You can post your meals for review or questions on the group for feedback and support.

When can I start?

You can start anytime you wish after you purchase the program. Feel free to start right away if that's what you want!

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Ready to get rid of Type 2 Diabetes?

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